J.S Visual consists of several dream-seekers who share common goals and pursuits.

After the ten-year working experience, we have realized the conflicts between designers and representation professionals. As many representation companies did not base on the design point of the project, but simply assessed the staff from the perspective of drafting level, which led to the inevitable conflicts between designers and representation professionals.

What kind of work can be called a good work?
According to years of working experience, the drafting work is a kind of customized service.
In our opinion, a good work should be based on the full understanding of the designer’s
design concept and expression intention, and then through our professional art processing, the designed work can be perfected and sublimated, and expressed in the form of beauty.

J.S (Jian Su in Chinese) Visual
Jian: expression, presentation. Introduce our own point of view and understand the designer’s concept.
Su: pure and noble quality. The designed work is also pure and noble, and it is also our
goal-to establish pure mentality.



We are happy to work with our clients.